Ceilidh Trail Co-ordinator

  • Sealach / Temporary
  • Argyll and Bute
  • Posted 3 months ago
  • Tha seo dùinte do thagraichean ùra / Applications have closed
  • Tuarastal / Salary: £1,750
  • Cùmhnant / Contract: July-August 2019
  • Gàidhlig / Gaelic: Na bhuannachd / Desirable

Tha Feis Latharna a’ lorg neach a chumas stiùir air turas-ciùil air feadh Earra Ghaidheal do bhuidheann de choignear luchd-ciùil aga san Iuchair agus Lunastal 2019.

Fels Latharna is seeking to employ a Ceilidh Trail Co-ordinator to accompany and support a group of five young traditional musicians who will perform around Argyll during July and August 2019.

Mun obair / Job outline

The Ceilidh Trail scheme is a Feisean nan Gaidheal showcase project which gives young musicians and singers aged 16 to 25 the opportunity to take part in a professional summer tour organised by their local Fèis with support from a team of musicians and specialist tutors.

Dleastanasan Duties

  • Attendance to supervise and support the group at Fels Alba training week in Plockton, 8-12th July 2019.
  • Attend all of the summer tour performances, 16th July — 30 August 2019, to assist with the supervision of the performers and to uphold a duty of care for Tour participants whilst travelling to/from and taking part in performances.
  • Take an active role in the promotion and management of events, managing budget and cash flow and distributing marketing material.
  • Take responsibility for ensuring that Gaelic is prominent on all Ceilidh Trail publicity, including social media, and at events and seek help from the Fèis Latharna Development Officer, Karen Oakley, as required.
  • Attend to all other reasonable duties that are required by Fèis Latharna to ensure the success of the project.

Sgilean & Eòlas Skills & knowledge

  • Full driving licence and access to car
  • Ability to establish a positive working relationship with Ceilidh Trail participants and Fels Latharna committee and Feisean nan Gaidheal
  • Working knowledge of PA
  • Knowledge of Scottish traditional music and Gaelic song
  • Knowledge of the local area
  • The ideal candidate will have some knowledge of Gaelic and/or a willingness to learn and use the language

Fiosrachadh a bharrachd Additional information

The Co-ordinator will be expected to have a flexible approach to hours, with some weekend and evening working essential. Feis Latharna will meet reasonable travel, meal, accommodation, telephone plus any other legitimate expenses incurred during the tour. The Co-ordinator will be required to work within an agreed budget.

The Co-ordinator will be responsible for ensuring that his/her own vehicle has appropriate business car insurance.

Employment will be conditional on a PVG check being completed to the satisfaction of Feisean nan Geidheal.

larrtasan Applications

Applications can be submitted by emailing an up to date CV with a letter detailing experience and suitability for the role to Ewan Macdonald, Fels Latharna Treasurer, on mail@feislatharna.org

Applications are due no later than Sunday 21st April 2019.

Interviews will take place on Tuesday 23rd April in Oban from 5pm.

Tha tagraichean dùinte airson an sanas-obrach seo. Tadhail air an duilleag obraichean airson cothroman ùra fhaicinn.

Applications for this position are closed. Please visit the jobs page to see new positions.