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  • Neo-cheangailte / Freelance
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  • Posted 2 weeks ago
  • Tuarastal / Salary: Per word of translation
  • Cùmhnant / Contract: Ongoing freelance work
  • Uairean san seachdain / Hours per week: Variable
  • Gàidhlig / Gaelic: Riatanach / Essential
  • Ìre foghlaim a dhìth / Education level needed: Àrd-Ìre

Làrach-lìn / Website Group

RWS Group | RWS Language Services and Technology

We are building a trusted freelance Community for ongoing (no end date) translations project from English US into each of our languages, and Scottish Gaelic is one of them.

Details about the project:

• This is an ongoing project with daily hand-offs.

• The scope of this project is a mixture of Software and Support content.

• The daily volumes vary between 100-1000 words per day.

• The requirement is either Standard or High translation quality output, depending on the content (see attached Quality_Levels_STANDARD and HIGH.pdf).

• New translation jobs are posted regularly to the Community and can be claimed based on your actual availability.

In order to start this ongoing freelance work, we will ask you to complete the initial registration and approval steps.

Once you have finalized your registration, we will enable an entry test for you.

After submitting the entry test, you will be notified about your test completion and its evaluation. At this point, we will share more details about the project and the next steps with you.

To register with RWS, go to our RWS Partner Portal ( and sign up for our Community project in your profile.

We hope this project sounds interesting to you and that we may soon welcome you into our Community! We look forward to hearing back from you.

Tuilleadh fiosrachaidh / More info

Quality_Levels_STANDARD and HIGH.pdf

Airson tagradh a dhèanamh, tadhail air an duilleag seo
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