Ben *****

I’m interested in this job because I want to improve my Gaelic. I’m currently learning Gaelic through self-study and Ulpan courses when they are available; I have just completed the Level 2 Units I attend a local Gaelic conversation circle and often contribute to the conversation, sometimes at length, although the quaility of my Gaelic may be questionable!
What can I offer you:
At present I am part-time primary teacher with a permanent position 0.24FTE and I’m self-employed part-time. I can offer the flexiblity that you are looking for in terms of work load. As a teacher I have exceptional organisation skills; the school bell provides an unerring deadline and a class of pupils takes no prisioners. I have a strong sense of customer focus through my business activities, ensuring that the products I deliver are of a high quality that satisfy my customers. I am a friendly and approachable person, able to work well and co-operate as part of a team.
Let me know if you would like any references.

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