Chief Executive

  • Làn-thìde / Full-time
  • Isle Of Lewis, Isle of Lewis
  • Posted 1 month ago
  • Tha seo dùinte do thagraichean ùra / Applications have closed
  • Tuarastal / Salary: Circa £37,000
  • Cùmhnant / Contract: Permanent
  • Gàidhlig / Gaelic: Na bhuannachd / Desirable

The Outer Hebrides have seen the biggest population decline proportionally of any Scottish Local Authority Area over recent years. Population decline leads to significant challenges for any community including fewer local amenities and services, fewer new homes, reduced employment opportunities and a reduction in leisure services amongst many more.

A declining population has been acutely felt for many years in the North West of the Isle of Lewis across the Galson Estate, a community of 616 crofts in 22 crofting townships with a population of nearly 2,000 people spread over 56,000 acres. The estate passed into community ownership in 2007 to be managed by Urras Oighreachd Ghabhsainn (Galson Estate Trust) for and on behalf of the community.

Urras Oighreachd Ghabhsainn exists to promote rural regeneration for public benefit and the development of the areas of social and economic deprivation within the Galson Estate area. The organisation is driven to ensure that the community thrives and is well-connected with excellent local services and amenities, harnessing natural assets to sustain a unique cultural and social environment.

Harnessing natural assets means nurturing and caring for the land and making it work for the community. Urras Oighreachd Ghabhsainn manages all estate business and undertakes a wide range of projects on behalf of the community and these range from renewables and energy efficiency projects to tourism and youth projects. The organisation also administers a funding programme that supports the redistribution of funds back into the community from the community-owned wind energy development situated on the estate.

The work being done on the estate is significant and underpins efforts to have a growing and sustainable population, provide a higher quality of life, create a strong local economy and develop and sustain a unique and cohesive community. Success will not only impact at a social and community level but also at an environmental level.

The Chief Executive of Urras Oighreachd Ghabhsainn will lead the organisation in creating opportunities and making Galson Estate a vibrant area with more employment, housing, leisure and opportunities for residents. This role will drive efforts to strengthen and fortify a fragile community that has one of the sharpest population declines in Scotland. As Chief Executive, you will directly improve the lives and health and wellbeing of people across the estate as well as work to reverse population decline by attracting people to the area. You will have a wide-reaching remit and lead an organisation that is deep-rooted in its community and provide a massive range of projects that define a firm commitment to reach out and support people across the community.

The new Chief Executive does not need to have held a similar post previously but does have to be experienced at a senior level and be a committed leader who will thrive on the responsibility and impact of this role. As the leader and figurehead of Urras Oighreachd Ghabhsainn, you must be inspiring, skilled in relationship building and can influence and persuade others. You will be experienced working at a strategic level and have had responsibility for governance, compliance and finances (including contributing to budgets and delivering budgets to support a strategy). This role requires a collaborative and supportive person who can enable staff to deliver on objectives and improve professionally. Communication will be crucial and you will be an excellent communicator who can demonstrate strong written and verbal skills. It is important that you are passionate and driven to lead the efforts of Urras Oighreachd Ghabhsainn to strengthen and fortify a fragile community and lead it to a successful future.

Tha tagraichean dùinte airson an sanas-obrach seo. Tadhail air an duilleag obraichean airson cothroman ùra fhaicinn.

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