GME Assessment Content Developer

  • Neo-cheangailte / Freelance
  • Scotland
  • Posted 2 years ago
  • Tha seo dùinte do thagraichean ùra / Applications have closed
  • Tuarastal / Salary: £20 per hour
  • Cùmhnant / Contract: Candidates will be asked to commit to a freelance contract for at least 6 months. There will be opportunity to extend this contract.
  • Uairean san seachdain / Hours per week: 10-15 hours per week
  • Gàidhlig / Gaelic: Riatanach / Essential
  • Ìre foghlaim a dhìth / Education level needed: Fo-cheum

Làrach-lìn / Website Giglets Education

Literacy development for pupils, teachers and schools.

Giglets Education is recruiting a team of experienced, talented and creative Gaelic Medium Education teachers.

The Scottish Government has commissioned Gaelic Medium Education National Standardised Assessments (GME NSA) as part of the National Improvement Framework. The GME National Standardised Assessments will assess children and young people from Gaelic Medium Education in reading, writing and numeracy during P1, P4, P7 and S3. Giglets Education will be developing the GME National Standardised Assessments from December 2017 for launch in June 2018.

In order that the Gaelic language and GME especially is treated with parity in Scotland, Giglets Education is developing the assessment material using a Gaelic-first approach. All content will be developed in Gaelic and focus on the experiences and outcomes of CfE. Giglets Education is therefore bringing together a team of educators with experience of CfE in Gaelic Medium Education to develop content for the GME National Standardised Assessments.

What does this position involve?

Candidates should have experience of educating children in GME and be holding the relevant professional qualifications such as GTCS Accreditation wherever possible.

Experience of teaching at any CfE level from Early through to Third would be relevant.

Direct experience working with pupils from both Gaelic-speaking and Gaelic-learning backgrounds would be highly advantageous.

Our aim is to bring together a team of teachers that includes both native Gaelic speakers and Gaelic learners but it is essential that all candidates are fluent in both spoken and written Gaelic.

The content development will focus on developing questions to assess reading, writing and numeracy. Teachers will be supported throughout the project but candidates should be confident in developing relevant content for those curriculum areas.

Tha tagraichean dùinte airson an sanas-obrach seo. Tadhail air an duilleag obraichean airson cothroman ùra fhaicinn.

Applications for this position are closed. Please visit the jobs page to see new positions.